Saturday, October 6, 2012


I had my last radiation treatment this week.  Yippee!  To celebrate, I bought myself a new yoga mat.  (My old one is about 14 years old.)  I also ordered some books.  One of them arrived yesterday.

This is a used copy, but it is in great shape.  Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist who works with the elements of nature, weather and place.  He uses what he can find around him when he is out in nature.  Many of his works are only preserved in a photograph he takes, as eventually many of the pieces are destroyed.   For example, his pieces made from ice that melt when the temperature is too warm.

There is a great video about him that I saw on television or Netflix.  I think it is this DVD entitled Rivers and Tides.  We could all learn something about patience and nature from this artist.

Another book I ordered is also about an artist that works with nature, although I wasn't consciously thinking about that theme.  His name is Patrick Doughtery.  This artist created some sculptures at the Boise Art Museum some years ago. Unfortunately, I was out of town when he made them and didn't get to help with the process.

He uses branches he finds from local trees and creates massive sculptural structures, sometimes indoors and sometimes outdoors.  They are really great.  The book is called Stickwork and I haven't gotten it yet.

I also ordered a couple more books and am just waiting for them all to show up.

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Terry Grant said...

Congratulations on finishing the radiation! I loved the Patrick Dougherty work at the Boise Art Museum. I was thinking about it yesterday. We have had a lot of wind the past two days and it has filled our yard and drive with branches blown out of the tall trees. I wondered if I could create some environmental art out of all that organic debris.