Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I went to my Nia class at the Y yesterday and we always notice an influx of people at the beginning of January through about the middle of February.  People resolve to get healthier and the parking spots get harder to find. 

I've been thinking about my own resolutions (which I prefer to call goals) for the year.  But in Nia class, my teacher said something that made me think about them in a different way.  At the beginning of class, she always likes to give us something to think about during our class for the day.  Maybe it's concentrating on properly bending our knees or the expression of our movements, etc.  Sometimes it's not a physical thing. 

Yesterday, she was talking about a goal for the class and resolutions in general.  She said to ask ourselves, "What can you commit to today? When will you start and when will you end?"  An example might be that I can commit to cutting out desserts starting tomorrow and ending on Monday.   I thought these questions really made the resolution/goal setting more realistic, more specific and more attainable.  At the end of class, she had us think about one goal and tell another person in the class for accountability.  Good food for thought.

"What can you commit to today?"

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