Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Work

My first new artwork for the year . . . is almost finished. I just have to finish the edges. It's been good to get back "to work."

This piece is another Twelve by Twelve group "play-along" piece. The color theme this time was Eggplant, Burgundy and Emerald. They revealed their pieces today (click on link to see them) and here is mine. Once again, I did not restrict myself to a 12 x 12" size.

Sky Lines
© 2011 Lisa Flowers Ross
I found these colors hard to work with because they were all the same value.  My original thought was of berries and an idea I had had previously.  I thought I had made a sketch of it, but could not find it in any sketchbook (maybe I never got it down on paper).  Nothing was coming to mind about how to do that, so I moved on to another idea. 

I decided the colors either needed a neutral or some lighter colors to go with it.  I started pulling out fabrics and what you see above is the result.  There is actually some dark eggplant color in the sky lines, but it is hard to see because my photo is not very good (will try to get a better one when it is totally finished).  The quilted lines are done in different colors of burgundy, purple and pink which is also hard to see.


Diane said...

Ooh, Lisa! This also has a lovely serenity to it -- the challenge colors are there but are set off by the apricot color. I like how it doesn't read as sunset, or desert, specifically, but there is a calm warmth to it. The stitching lines are terrific, too.

Terry said...

Very lovely! Reminds me of the amazing sunrises we have been having here over the past couple of weeks! this is the only time of the year I am up early enough to see the sun rise and it takes my breath away. Just the kinds of colors you used here and that wonderful layered cloud effect.

Deborah Boschert said...

Wonderful! It's such an unexpected color palette and composition for a landscape, and yet it really suggests land, sky, clouds, sunset. I like it very much! I love the way the quilting lines repeat, but don't strictly follow, the pieced bits in the sky.

Anonymous said...

Although the colors are different I immediately thought of the photo you posted on December 31 of the sky.