Saturday, April 28, 2007

The New Old

Saturday I spent most of the day cleaning off one of the studio tables and moving it out of the way to make way for the new "old" bookcase, shelf combo. I purchased it several months ago from a consignment shop. It was kind of beat up , but I figured it was only going to get more beat up and it was reasonably priced. So here is a picture of Anna with her desk in the Studio. It looks so nice and clean, doesn't it? The old table we were using is the white one that is folded up against the wall behind Anna. I still have room to open it up, but it will be tight to work with more than one person.

The rest of the studio is not so nice to look at. I didn't get around to cleaning the rest of the studio or my desk. Someday I want to do built-ins around the window and not have so many miscellaneous storage pieces. That will have to wait until next summer as we will probably be working on the guest/sewing room this summer.

Here is what the rest looks like and probably what Anna's desk will look like very soon, too.

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