Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Birthday, Anna!

What a milestone! Anna is one decade old today. 10 whole years! Here she is in her birthday outfit from her Aunt Mary. She looks adorable, just like a 10 year old.

After school, we went to Build-a-Bear workshop. She got a cat and a bear. One was from me and one was purchased with money from her Nanna. Of course, they couldn't be naked, so several outfits were chosen.

Then it was time to have ears pierced (seems like a juxtaposition with the Build-a-Bear, but such is the age). She has been very nervous about it for a while. Most of her friends have pierced ears and she has been asking them questions about their experience. She did very well. She said it really hurt. She had to sit down on the floor for a little bit while I paid the bill and then we found a bench she could lie down on because she thought she might faint. She did not and after some time, all was well. We got a fruit smoothie for nourishment, just in case.

The real party doesn't begin until this next weekend when she gets to go bowling with her friends.

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patsyf said...

Good to see and learn of the celebrations. I'm copying all your writing and photos so I'll have a page for my photo album.

A decade!! The years do fly by.