Sunday, December 7, 2014

SAQA Arizona

I am a member of the international organization, Studio Art Quilt Associates.  Since it is a large organization, there are smaller regional groups.  Our region is Idaho and Montana.  Before our trip to Tucson, I found out the Arizona group was having a regional juried exhibition in Tucson at the Jewish Community Center.

I looked up the address and we were able to find it.  The center is very large and the exhibition was in one part of it.  There was also an outdoor sculpture garden where they have an annual juried exhibition.

The title of the exhibition was Journeys.  Here are some of the pieces.  Unfortunately, the walls they were displayed on had some colored type of fabric material which didn't always set off the artwork to its best advantage, but it was really great they had a space to show their work in.  They also had a few awards.

The Healing Power of Water
Barb Wills
Honorable Mention Award

Land of the Giants
Betty Hahn
First Place

The materials/techniques were not listed on the labels.  But I think this one above was painted or printed on the fabric.

Yukon: Larger than Life
Peggie Thomas
Honorable Mention

Night Train to Chiang Mai
Janet Windsor
Best of Show

Sunset - Arizona - Summer 2013
Frances Murphy

"Is it" A-Z Botanical Journey
Denise Currier
Honorable Mention

I thought the background on this piece was amazing.  There are lots of hand stitches but there is also some machine stitching on top, which I have not seen before.  I think the piece would have been much stronger without the busy borders. I think they distract from the image. 

Goat Lady and Time Travelers
Kathleen Sharp
3rd Place

I am not usually attracted to figurative pieces or pastel colors, but there is something about this piece that I like.  I think it seems mysterious and very different than any other art quilts I have seen. The overall texture also unifies the entire work.

I am glad we were able to see the exhibition.  It is always nice to see artwork in person.

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