Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thickened Dye Fabrics

Today, I want to show you the fabrics I created when my friends and I played with thickened dye. There are a variety of ways to use the thickened dye.  In this first photo, I applied the dye with the edge of a flexible piece of plastic (like a credit card).

This fabric below was pieced and I added the lines on top with the edge of a plastic tool. I wanted to see if the dye color would change in relation to the background color it was on.

These next two pieces were made with a special Martha Stewart tool that Linda had.  It had a bunch of small brushes lined up on the tool.  This first photo shows the bottom of the fabric folded up because the back side looks a little different than the front.

There were lots of different ways to apply the thickened dye to the fabric, but I kind of got stuck on drawing lines using a small bottle I had with a fine tip.  Here you can tell I started drawing from the left to the right.  Not sure how to not get the blob at the beginning of the line.

 Drawing fast scribbles at an angle.

More scribbles in a random curvy motion.  The bottom edge is what the fabric looked like without the scribbles.

Drawing leaf-like shapes.

For this last piece, I drew a bunch of circles.  Then, I scraped over it with that gold-ish color.  Since some of the circle color hadn't quite penetrated the fabric and was sitting on top, I got some smears.  

I like these last two a lot and would like to explore this more.  All the pieces I used were small scraps that I brought just to try things out.  I don't know what I will do with them.  But whatever it is, it will have to be small.

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Linda M said...

They all came out great, and I think you are the master of the fine tipped bottle.