Sunday, November 23, 2014

Befriending Time and Place

This post is a little late, but there is still time to see Rachel Teannalach's exhibition, Befriending Time and Place, at Gallery Five 18 in Boise.  It is up for the month of November.  You can read her artist statement for the exhibition on her blog.

I attended the opening reception because I was excited to see Rachel's 365 paintings.  Rachel is a plein air painter and she has been painting a small (3" x 3") canvas every day for a year and posting them on her Facebook page as she completed them.  But seeing photos on Facebook doesn't compare to seeing them all together in the gallery and realizing what a great commitment the project was.  It "reads" like an artist's journal, recording the place and moment each painting was made.

As you look more closely at the individual pieces that make up the whole, you might recognize some familiar places in Boise and  around Idaho.  You might also notice images from foreign lands where Rachel has travel within the past year.  You definitely need to spend quite a bit of time to take it all in.

Other artworks in the exhibition also record a passage of time.  Some sets of paintings were made in a time lapsed manner with each painting being created at a regular interval of time.  The viewer gets to see the progression of changes in color and lighting of the same scene within a day.  It is a good reminder for us to take some time to linger in a place, get to know it and notice what is around us.

Expanding the time interval even longer than hours or days, Rachel painted four pieces that show the changes of sagebrush in different seasons.

There are plenty of time periods to contemplate in viewing this exhibition.  But there is not a whole lot of time left for you to see it.

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