Friday, November 7, 2014

Silvercreek Art

Tomorrow is the opening reception of a new exhibition at Silvercreek Art in Ketchum, Idaho.  I am one of the featured artists, along with Reham Aarti.  Last weekend, I drove to Ketchum to do the installation.

A few weeks before that, I was thinking that I would like to have three new artworks finished to include in the installation.  I managed to finish two new pieces.  One of which I had spent 11-1/4 hours in one day to get the quilting done.

The two new pieces are Foliaris VII and Foliaris VIII.  Here they are together in the gallery (VII on the left, VIII on the right).  The sculpture is by Ken McCall.

Here are some more installation shots.  I didn't get the lights redirected last week, so I am planning to do that this weekend before the opening reception on Saturday evening.

In this last picture, you might recognize my Leaf Anatomy monotypes.  I had a few of them framed for the exhibition.  The metal sculpture in this picture is by D'arcy Bellamy.

The other featured artist for this month is my friend, Reham Aarti.  I am so glad that we were put together.  Reham is a mosaic artist and creates colorful, whimsical two and three dimensional pieces. Even though our mediums and styles are completely different,  the colors we use seem to be similar in some cases and I think our work looks very nice together.

The opening reception is tomorrow night from 5-8 p.m. and the exhibition will be up through Nov. 28, if you happen to be driving through Ketchum.  The gallery is at the corner of Leadville and Sun Valley Rd.


Anonymous said...

The two new pieces hung together look fabulous. Hope someone with a modern home and lots of wall space makes them the center piece of a room.

Linda M said...

Looks great Lisa, have a fun trip and a great opening.

Sandy said...

The new pieces are awesome! All of your work looks very impressive. I hope it goes well.
Sandy in the UK

Gail Baar said...

Love your new work! Congratulations on your recent shows!