Monday, January 6, 2014

Vertical Nature

I have several series that I would like to continue working on this year.  Vertical Nature is one of them. I was able to finish the fifth in the series before the end of the year, so I could start the year working on a new piece.  But what I realized is that I haven't actually shared any of the pieces in the series with you yet.

You might have caught a glimpse of them on the walls when I showed my nice clean studio for the open studio event.

My original inspiration for the series started with pictures I have of canyon walls.  But as the series goes along, it may change.  The inspiration is just the starting point.  I decided to call it Vertical Nature, because I can expand the series to use other inspiring vertical nature things like grasses or trees.

Here is Vertical Nature I and II.

 Vertical Nature I
hand dyed fabrics, machine pieced, machine stitched
50-3/4" x 32"
©2013 Lisa Flowers Ross

Vertical Nature II
hand dyed fabrics, machine pieced, machine stitched
43-3/4" x 25-1/2"
©2013 Lisa Flowers Ross

I'll show you the third and fourth piece of the series in the next post.

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