Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another Monotype Monday

Monday evening I was back at Wingtip Press for Monotype Monday.  There is no instruction.  It is just a time to go to the studio and work on Monotype prints.  I went without having any real idea of what I wanted to work on.

I brought stencils and stamps and brushes; all different tools you can use in a monotype.  There are so many ways to do monotypes.  I know I have just brushed the surface (literally, ha).

A monotype is where you are working directly on the plate with inks (paint, whatever) and then you pull one print.  That's all.  You can pull a ghost if there is some ink left on the plate.  But then, you have to start over again.

The Wingtip Press studio.

 Brian Schreiner revealing his monotype.  This is the fun part when you get to see how it turned out.

I didn't have an idea to start with but once I start playing around, I usually can find some direction to go.  Here is one of my prints, probably the best one of the night. I used some stencils on this (so far my favorite technique) and the background is actually a ghost from a previous print. 

When you don't have a plan, obviously, you don't always get something good.  But you do learn.  This is probably the only one I like well.

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Linda M said...

What a great play ground! You get to try so many things.