Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I have had my studio set up the same way for some years.  I thought I had the best arrangement for the space and furniture I had.  But as I was working recently on a very large (for me) piece,  I just didn't have full access to all of my design wall because my sewing machine & table are butted up to it, like this (This is an older picture):

I had an idea to move things around to see if I would have more access to the design wall.   The first thing I tried was turning the sewing table parallel to the design wall.

This arrangement puts me in the corner, it wasn't too bad except that when I want to sew something large, I put up that "bridge" of foam core between the sewing table and another little cabinet (like in the first picture).  In this second arrangement, I would have to move the cabinet into place (it's on wheels). The foam core piece would then block the closet door. It also does not leave much room between the cabinet and the ironing board on the opposite wall.

If my cutting table was folded out to it's full length, then it would be like a maze to move around in. And I'm sure I would impale myself multiple times on the corners of the sewing and cutting tables.

Then I tried the sewing table butted up to the wall opposite the design wall.

The problem with this arrangement is that the cutting table would have to go in the corner in that previous picture.  With it open all the way it would limited access to even more of the design wall.

Therefore, I actually already had the ideal arrangement.  All the pieces went back to where they had been.  I'm so use to working that way anyway.  I have moved the sewing table a few inches closer to the cabinet.

If I have to work on something really large,  I might have to make a free standing design board to lean against the wall with window.  I don't usually work on very large pieces since the arm of my sewing machine is about 6" in length.

The good thing about all this rearranging is that I did get some things cleaned out of the space.

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