Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekly Project

My friend, Linda McLaughlin, has inspired me to take on a weekly project for this year.  She has done many daily, weekly and monthly projects.  You can see some of them on her blog.  She does wonderful hand stitching on her projects.

The smart thing Linda does is get everything prepared for the project at the beginning.  So she can just pick it up and start stitching.

I have done a few daily projects for a single month, but I have not done a yearly project.  Here are the parameters I have set up for myself.

1) Use materials I already have on hand.
2) One piece completed each week for the entire year.
3) Hand stitch on pieces.
4) Only use a straight stitch. (I'm hoping to explore how many ways I can do that.)
5) Use only three colors of thread.

Here is everything ready to go.

I had some tan and black felt on hand.  They are different thicknesses.  I hope that won't be a problem.  All the squares are six inches.  I have some solid of both colors.  Then I cut a portion of some of the squares off to interchange with the other color (like the second set on the top).  I will either sew the two colors together by machine or by hand to have the six inch square base ready for hand stitching.

I also cut some various size strips of the felt to be added to some of the squares with hand stitching (the bottom right two sets).  My thread colors are black, tan and red.  I'm ready to go.

Here is the first one I did.


Mary said...

Fantastic start, Lisa! It's an ambitious idea, and I'm looking forward to tracking your progress.
Great way to spark creativity -- and productivity.

Brenda Gael Smith said...

What fun! (And if you add a label to the relevant pists, we will be able to easily view all the squares as they are created)

Lisa Flowers Ross said...

I added "weekly square" to the labels.

Pakistani Dramas said...
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