Monday, January 20, 2014

Intaglio Workshop

Last week I spent two evenings at Wingtip Press.  The first evening was creating Monotypes, which I wrote about here.  The second evening I attended an Intaglio Workshop using Sintra(?) board that was taught by Cassandra Schiffler.

Intaglio is a process where you incise or engrave into the printing plate.  The ink is applied and then rubbed off the surface.  Ink remains in the grooves and that is what prints.  A relief print is opposite.  Areas are carved away from the plate.  The ink is applied to the surface and no ink is in the grooves that are carved away.

Previously,  Anna and I took an Intaglio workshop using a copper plate.  This workshop used Sintra board which is a material they use to make signs.  It is easier to incise than copper but not as forgiving as copper.

We had a good size class.

Here are some of Cassandra's examples that showed how you could use some color with selective inking (a la poupée).

Cassandra demonstrates how to apply the ink.

Here is my print.  I also tried it with color, but forgot to take a picture.

I would like to explore this technique more.  It is good for line drawings.  I had some trouble doing tight curves with my Exacto knife.  (We used a 4" x 6" plate.)

I feel like I am just scratching the surface in printmaking (literally, too).  There is so much to learn.

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