Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Intaglio Printing

The summer is going by quickly.  I can't believe it has already been a month since Anna and I participated in an Intaglio workshop at Wingtip Press.  We did the drypoint technique on a copper plate. With this technique you "draw" into the plate with a sharp tool.

Our instructor, Cassandra Schiffler, had us practice on CDs first.  Here she printed three of ours together.  (Mine is in the middle.)

Then, we worked on the copper plates.

This is my setup.  

Anna working on her plate.

While we were working, we were listening to the destruction outside of the road being torn up and the beautiful gingko trees being taken down.

When the plates were ready we inked them up, ran them through the press and decided if we needed to go back and work on them some more.

Anna printing.  It's common for people to hover around the press when someone is printing because they want to see how the print turns out.

This is the print Cassandra was working on.

Here's one my friend, Mary, was working on.

Here is Anna's print of a hedgehog in a mug that looks like a tardis (if you watch Dr. Who then you know what that is).

This is one of the prints that I did, which I actually like.

Here is another print I did where I was trying to be more abstract.  This one has a romantic wipe of the ink.  That means you don't clean off as much of the ink before printing.
I enjoyed the workshop and hope I can do more of these in the future.


Linda M said...

I really like those, what fun classes you take.

Kathleen Probst said...

I like your last piece. It is a cousin of your greenbelt series!