Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crown Point State Historic Site

On our trip, we drove from Burlington, VT to Ticonderoga, NY where we were staying for the family wedding.  On the way, we stopped at Crown Point State Historic Site (NY).

This was the site of two different forts.  Fort St. Frederic was built from 1734 to 1737.  It was built and occupied by the French.  According to one of the informational signs, it was "hastily evacuated upon the advance of the British army in 1759."  The French blew up the fort when they left rather than letting the British take it over.

After the British arrived, they began building one of the biggest forts in North America.  In 1773, an accidental fire destroyed the fort and left it in ruins as well.

We walked around the ruins of both forts.  They are right next to each other.  There is also a small museum on the site but when we realized it, it was too late as they were closing up.

Crown Point is at the very southern tip of Lake Champlain.  Here's Anna just before she slipped and fell in the water (with her iPod in hand, which somehow is still working).

Frank has put some more pictures of the forts and our entire trip on our family website.  But don't worry, I will continue sharing some with you here.  Next stop: Fort Ticonderoga.

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