Monday, July 15, 2013

Lake George

The wedding we attended was held at the northern end of Lake George (NY).  Anna's second cousin, Chelsea, married Chase at her father's house right on the lake.  Tents were set up on the lawn and spilled into the neighbors yards (they were o.k. with that).  Unfortunately, there had been a lot of rain so it was very muddy.  The catering staff wore rubber boots and I even saw a guest wearing rubber boots with her dress.

At some point during the reception, many guests took off their shoes, rolled up their pants and just walked in the mud barefoot. Dresses were tied up a little higher and everyone carried on.

Chelsea and Chase

A view of the neighbor's house with the tents set up to the right.

Susan, Frank, Peggy, Willie

Anna and Alexandra had great fun together.
The next day we all went back for a "lake day".  We tried paddle boarding, which is a little bit harder than it looks.  The girls and I got in the water and swam around.  The rest of the time was spent hanging out, catching up with family and eating.

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