Friday, July 5, 2013

A Trip East

We spent most of our Fourth of July day on airplanes and in airports (we were suppose to be doing that on the 3rd) returning home.  Another family wedding took us to upstate New York and the surrounding area.  Our flights were in and out of Burlington, Vermont.

This gave Anna the opportunity to see the University of Vermont, which is also Frank's alma mater. As with any campus over time, some things had changed and some had stayed the same.

Here is Anna and Frank by Pam's Deli truck.  Frank said that Pam's truck was around when he went to school there (23 years ago).  Pam said that she had been in business for 30 years and that this was her second truck (but it was painted like the first).

I visited Frank a few times while we were in school and these red brick buildings were the ones that I remembered most.

Another building I did remember was this one that Anna and Frank are standing in front of.  It is Converse Hall and Frank lived here for some of his time in school.  It is known as the castle.

The UVM mascot is a catamount.

This gal was creating some summer chalk art on campus.

Frank had not been back to UVM for many years.  I think he enjoyed his trip down memory lane and showing Anna were he went to school.

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Anonymous said...

Well Anna has now seen the campuses of her grandfather Ross, her Aunt Mary and her dad, Frank. Seems to me that she deserves to see the campus of her mother!