Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Montreal International Jazz Festival

After our lake day, we spent a day in Lake Placid.  Then, we drove up to Montreal, Canada.  It was a pleasant surprise to find out that we were there while they were having their International Jazz Festival. Several blocks in the downtown area were blocked off and several different stages were set up around the area.

There were lots of different musicians scheduled for the the different stages.  Some would just play on the street.  All the outdoor events were free.  There were some bigger names performing at indoor venues, but you needed to purchase a ticket for those.

Since it was only a few blocks from our hotel, each evening we would go listen to some music.

The main stage - with Morgan James

Anna with the "cool cat" mascot of the festival.

A band performing on one of the smaller stages.

Playing on the street.

Frank and Anna enjoying the concert.

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