Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reduction Monotype Day 2

Saturday, we spent another day at Wingtip Press working on a second reduction monotype.  This time I chose a simpler subject, canning jars, but it was harder to work with.  I learned some things from the day before and hoped it would make today's print better.

Tyler and Rose working, with the press we used in the foreground.

Once again, we started with yellow.

Then comes process red.  This is my plate lying on top of the paper that was already printed with yellow.  It's ready to run through the press.

Here is Gale's print with the red printed.

Blue is last and you never know how it's going to turn out.  This is my final print.

After running the first print and the ghost prints with the blue, I decided to just run the blue plate through the press on a new sheet of paper.  I really like this ghost.

Here's Gale's final print.

And Carl's final print with the ghost print.

As I was working the different layers on mine, I realized, too late, I had made some mistakes.  I am not going to point them out to you.  But it is just more learning for me.  I am happier with my second print.

And here is some used up scrim that I thought looked pretty just lying on the table.


Terry Grant said...

Love your prints, especially the one of the jars!

nfl jersey said...

I like this style of painting... Great..