Monday, May 20, 2013


I can't believe it has been five days since I last posted.  As summer approaches, things seem to get a little busier.  I have managed to get a few vegetables planted in the garden boxes and some flowers in the front planter.

Last time, I wrote about the BFA exhibition at Boise State University.   While we were there, we also viewed Heterotropias: Institutional Structures and Subjectives by Don Winiecki which is up in the Student Union Building gallery through June 4.  According to the artist's statement, Heterotropic space is defined as those which can be categorized as outside, between or overlapping other spaces and places.

Here is the description of the exhibition:
"Based on observations as a sociologist, Boise State University Instructional and Performance Technology Professor Don Winiecki visually investigates the effects and affects of institutional structures on the production of subjectivity.  Through the use of conventional realism and academic formality as well as evocative non-representational forms, Winiecki's paint and drawing installation invites viewers to interact with and encounter multiple ways of seeing, perceiving, and potentially responding to those structures."

As we entered the space, we saw two sided artworks hanging from the ceiling with the labels casually placed on the floor. At first I was uncomfortable with the arrangement and having to carefully walk through the space without touching/bumping into any of the artwork as we have been conditioned to do.

But the more time I spent within the arrangement, being part of it so to speak, I thought it made the artwork less pretentious than looking at it on a wall.  Since they were two sided, you had to be physically engaged by walking around to the other side.  One piece was gently turning from some unfelt air current as I had to chase it around to see the other side.  Hanging from one point must have been intentional as hanging from two points would have prevented the turning.

Watchful Eye by Don Winiecki

National Identity Card by Don Winiecki
National Identity Card shows a person presenting what could be a credit card to another person. What looks like a driver's license is also visible in the wallet.  There are all kinds of implications and associations between this visual and the title of the piece.

I especially like the shapes in this one and the perspective from above.  It is entitled Inside the Grid (Pedestrian Mall).  I think there are several pieces where humans are being observed from above.  Is it a study of the patterns of human behavior or just an interesting point of view?

The grid on top seems to beg an analysis of the forms.  How far apart are they?  How are they grouped together?  I think this piece would read very differently without the grid.  The grid gives it structure and implies something.

This is a very interesting exhibit and probably probes deeper thoughts than my brain can handle.  It is worth a look.

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