Thursday, May 2, 2013

Art Award

I am very proud of my daughter, Anna, who won a second place award and $50 gift certificate to Quality Art for artwork she did for the school district's Idaho Earth Day: Celebrate Idaho's Wildlife Heritage art contest.

Yesterday, there was a short awards ceremony for all the award winners at the Foothills Learning Center.  Idaho's Congressman Mike Simpson was on hand to pass out the awards.

Congressman Simpson and Anna.

Here is Anna's beautiful drawing.  All the artwork will be on display in a building downtown (6th & State) for a couple of weeks.  And they said they will return them before school is out.  I sure hope so because she didn't have some artwork returned one year in junior high, for some reason.

Here are a few of the others.  I thought this one was very cool.

Well, I was impressed by most all of them.  It's great to see, despite the fact that art in the schools doesn't get a lot of support.

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