Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Varia: BFA Exhibition - Part 2

The other part of the Boise State University Varia: BFA Exhibition was held in the Hemingway Center on campus.  This venue seems a little more intimate as it is a little darker and free standing walls create different, smaller spaces.

The first two photos show some cyanotype pieces created by Heather Wade.  The first is made on a large piece of cloth. The other is on a small piece on paper.  Heather happened to be there taking pictures and Mary and I discussed her work with her.

Mary works with cyanotype and other alt-processes so Heather was happy to meet someone working in the same medium.

I was attracted to the simplicity, repetition and subject matter of this artwork by Tanith Brown.  The smaller frame has burnt matches attached to the paper.  In the larger frame, the artist has drawn the matches with pencil.

Here is a close up view of the drawing.

I approached this ceramic piece by Elyse Hestead-Murphy from the backside and didn't realize there was a figure until I walked around to the front.  It is made of separate pieces that appeared to be stacked and adhered together.

It seemed like the majority of the artwork in the Liberal Arts building was created by guys, whereas the majority (if not all) of artwork in the Hemingway Center was created by girls.  I don't think this separation was made on purpose, but it's an interesting observation.

Overall, I found the exhibition very interesting.

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