Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Local Color: Boise 150

Last Friday was the opening reception for the Treasure Valley Artists' Alliance first juried exhibition entitled, Local Color: Boise 150.  The exhibition was juried by Jacqueline Crist and celebrates Boise's sesquicentennial.

There was a good turnout for the reception.  The exhibition is in the offices of the Boise State Public Radio in the Yanke building on Park Center.  Here is a picture of the Yanke building in case you have not been there yet.

As you first walk in, you are greeted with bright colors in the artwork of Brian Schreiner (on the right) and Christine Raymond.  You really need to see the texture of Schreiner's piece in person, as well as the gold leaf shine of Raymond's artwork.

All of the artwork was suppose to relate to Boise in some way.  Here you might recognize the Capitol in Pat Kilby's painting (middle).

Starting from the left below are artworks by Cyndy Lounsbury, Cassandra Schiffler, David Schwartz and Lauren Kistner.

Mike Chambers paid homage to Boise Blue, an art supply store that shut it's doors years ago.

From left to right artwork by Amy Nack, Betty Hayzlett, Felicia Weston and Ellen Crosby.

Several artists chose the same places to depict in their artwork.  I believe there were three pieces of the Capitol Boulevard Memorial bridge built in the 1930's in Art Deco style.

An exhibition catalog has been published with all the artworks and the artists' statements explaining the artwork's relationship to Boise.  They are available for purchase on the Treasure Valley Artists' Alliance website.  And you can go here to get a preview.  It is a very nice catalog.

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