Sunday, April 7, 2013

Primavera 2

Last night I went to the one night a year exhibition, Primavera 2, an exhibition organized by a group of artists.  I wondered why they used the title Primavera, as I immediately think of pasta. But upon looking up the word, it was probably chosen for it's latin origin of "primus", meaning first or earliest and "ver" meaning spring.

Unfortunately, the weather was not very spring-like as it was cool and slightly windy with a chance of rain.  But that did not deter my friend, Kathleen, and I from heading to Beside Bardenay for the exhibit.

The space is in a brick building and has a bar which required the artists to be creative in hanging/displaying their artwork.  And they came up with some different solutions.  Susan Valiquette, a photographer, created a frame structure in which she displayed some of her smaller prints.

Rachel Teannalach, set up a system in which she could lean the artworks against a wall.   Her landscape paintings included rivers and rocks and I like how she added real rocks to her display.

Another artist, Olive Wicherski, came up with the creative idea of displaying her intricate drawings with a system of bars and clips.

And mixed media artist, Sue Latta, built her own free standing display panels.  Her pieces of cast resin and wood/metal are probably somewhat heavy and require more support. (Sorry the picture is so blurry.)

Also showing were painter Pat Kilby, whose artworks were suspended with wires from a pipe running along the wall and Heather Larson, who also had her own free standing display unit. (You can see a little bit of the corner in the picture above.)

The lighting was not suitable for art viewing.  So it was nice that Sue had brought her own.

There was also a band playing, too loudly.  It was so loud we could not discuss the artwork and, consequently, did not stay as long as we might have if it had been more like background music.

It is nice to see these individual exhibitions pop-up and create exposure for the artists, but I think this venue was not conducive to displaying art.

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