Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chair Affair Lecture Series

Yesterday, I attended the Chair Affair lecture series which is a local event.  Another part of the overall event is the Chair Affair Gala, which is tonight, that showcases a chair design competition with awards.  Anyone could participate and create a chair.  Both events are sponsored by the Interior Designers of Idaho.

Several speakers were featured at yesterday's event.  A friend of mine, Amy Pence-Brown presented a lecture with slide show on mid-century modern chair design.  It was very good and well researched.  She also brought a couple of her own chairs that were examples in the lecture for use on stage and for people to try out in between speakers.

The next speaker was Jordan Cappella (two p's and two l's as he reminded us often).  I admit I was not familiar with him as I am not in the design realm.  He is a designer that started with fashion design, but now does interior design.  If you watch HGTV's Design Star show (I don't), you might know him as he participated in one of the seasons.

Jordan's originally from Australia but now lives in California.  He will be on another design show on HGTV, but I didn't catch what that one is.  He spoke about his experiences on Design Star and presented a slide show of some of his design work.  His style, which he describes as "masculine glamour", would not be something I would chose, often using darker colors with a splash of metallics.

His furniture pieces make use of lucite and other materials and combine vintage elements with contemporary design.  Jordan was very amusing to listen to.

The last part was a panel discussion by Amy, Jordan and local architectural designer/arts planner/public artist Dwaine Carver.  The hostess for the event had a list of ten questions for the panel and questions from the audience were asked at the end.  The discussion was interesting.

Dwaine Carver, Jordan Cappella and Amy Pence-Brown

The three pieces of artwork hanging are some of Kathleen's work.  I think they really livened up the space.

Included in the ticket price was lunch by St. Lawrence Gridiron.  When purchasing your ticket you had to specify what sandwich choice you would like; turkey, beef or vegetarian.  I went with turkey which was good, but the vegetarian sandwich looked delicious.  Chips, a drink and cookie were included.  It was all good except for the cookie which was too hard.  I gave up trying to eat it in public.

As part of the two day event, there was a raffle for some chairs.  Here are a few that were in the raffle.

I would like to see the chairs that were designed for tonight's event but I will not be attending.


Anonymous said...

Is the fiber art in the panel photo some of Kathleen's work? The two blue and white pieces on each side look like her work.


Lisa Flowers Ross said...

Yes, that is Kathleen Probst's artwork hanging behind the speakers. I forgot to put that in the post, but now it is added.