Tuesday, April 3, 2012

San Diego

San Diego is a really nice city.  We spent our first day there at Balboa park.  It is a big park with lots of museums, some gardens, an art village and the zoo is there, too.

I have lots of pictures, mostly close-ups of lovely flowers and interesting plants.  Anna and I mostly looked like this.  (Yes, I trained her well.  She likes to look at details, too.)

I especially liked the desert garden with all kinds of different cacti and plants.  Sometimes I take some pictures of the whole scene (and I should try to remember to do more), but Frank has the better camera and usually does that.  Most of my pictures are details, patterns, colors and things that could be inspiration for art.  I liked the contrast of shapes in this picture below.

Before we left home, I looked up some of the museums in the park.  I decided on one museum that I wanted to see the most, knowing that we would not be able to do everything.  We visited the Mingei International museum which is an arts and crafts type museum.

The Boise Art Museum recently joined the North American Reciprocal Membership program.  With our Boise Art Museum membership, we were able to get into this museum free, as well as the Photographic Arts museum and the Museum of Man.

This front piece was made by Ellamarie Wooley in 1966.

There was a section in the museum on Finnish design and they had several examples of Marimekko fabric displayed.

There was also a special exhibit of artwork by Ynez Johnston.  I was not familiar with this artist. She does amazingly detailed work.  Frank, Anna and I all enjoyed her artwork.  I was disappointed that they did not have a book about her art in the museum store.

This is just a part of the painting, Square with Ancient Stone, by Ynez Johnston.

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