Monday, April 30, 2012

Open Studio Review

I had my first Open Studio event this past Saturday.  My studio is in my home and I spent much time cleaning the house to get ready for the event.

I set up my display wall in our living room so I could put out some more of my artwork.  I had several pieces hanging in the house and on the design wall.  I think it was good for people to see my work on the walls in my home; to see that this art made from fabric can be displayed just like a painting.

Snacks were set out with a vase of fresh flowers cut from my yard.

In my studio, I had my machine set up so I could demonstrate how I do free motion stitching (which you can also see in a video here).  At one point while I was demonstrating, someone realized that I did not have the design marked on the fabric; that I was actually just "making it up" as I sewed.  Yes, I do not pre-mark my designs when I'm doing free motion stitching and I think that is something I should explain in the future.

I had available my business cards, postcards for an exhibition in which I currently have an artwork, a mailing list sign-up sheet and a sheet with information about my current and upcoming exhibitions.

This open studio was not in conjunction with any organization or other artists.  It was something I did on my own to see how it would go.

I had sixteen people come, which I thought was a pretty good turnout.  I already knew most of the people, but not all of them were familiar with my work.  I sold one small piece.

It was a good learning experience and I am glad it is over.  I need to get back to actually concentrating on making some artwork.


Kathleen Probst said...

These are excellent pictures of your space! I think it is great your friends and neighbors had a chance to see your art and your creative space.

Gail Baar said...

Looks really nice-what a good idea!