Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Functional Sewing

Even though I do a lot of sewing, I don't do a lot of functional sewing.  I've been starting to clean and get my studio ready for my Open Studio event this Saturday.  Yesterday, I did some functional sewing to spiff up one area of the studio.

Here is a table I have in the studio.  Since I don't use this table to sit at, (I only use it for storage and to prop up a board when I need to quilt large pieces) I store stuff underneath.  It doesn't look very attractive in this photo.

I purchased that curtain rod you see at the inside top a long time ago.  Yesterday was the day the curtain was finally made.  I had some commercial fabric that I really liked and thought I would use, but didn't have enough.

Then I pulled out this fabric I purchased from a quilt store going out of business (although it still wasn't inexpensive).  

This is a linen fabric made in Japan.  I bought a couple of yards, thinking I might make a skirt or bag with it.  How many skirts have I made for myself? 0.

Anyway, I decided this would be perfect because I would get to look at it all the time.  Much better now.

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