Friday, August 7, 2009

Weather Update

After many 100 degree days, we finally had a cool front come through yesterday. We had lots of rain, which we needed, thunder, lightning and even some large hail. (The white stuff on the ground in the picture is hail). The cool air felt so good to me. Today is another rainy and unseasonably cool day. It is only in the 60's. I like it.

I have been trying to get stuff together for a garage sale this weekend, mostly cleaning out Anna's stuff. I don't really like having a garage sale. It is a lot of work for me and not much return, it seems. But my neighbor was planning one in June and I started getting stuff together. Then she decided not to have it. I thought we might as well do it as it is a good incentive for Anna to clean out her things.

For quite some time when Anna has wanted to buy a new animal, I have said that she doesn't really need another animal. I told her she probably has over two hundred animals. She just gives me that look and tells me I'm exaggerating.

When it came time to clean out the animals, I said we were going to gather every single one around the house and we were going to count them all. Then I said I would like her to select 25% of that number to put in the garage sale (I really would have liked 50% or more but that would have been a little too much for Anna). She agreed.

The above picture shows her with all her animals before. And yes, she did have over 200. I think it was maybe 212. Below is the picture of her with her animals after weeding out 25% for the garage sale. Hmm, it looks like there is more afterward! It was hard for her, but she did meet my 25% goal.

Now, if we can just keep new ones from coming into the house.

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carin said...

For years you have been planning a mass exidius of Anna's stuffed animals. You did it! Victory!!!