Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Finally, some artwork to show you. This is the piece that I was trying to finish up before we left on our trip. It did not happen. But it is now completed. I call it Anni's Sunset (no, not Anna). It was inspired by a picture of a weaving I saw made by Anni Albers. Hmm, maybe I should find that picture and scan it to show you.

There are a lot of quilting lines in the sections. It is a little hard to see from the second photo, but the lines are vertical and horizontal and I changed the color to go with each section. You might also notice that is it quite long and horizontal. I usually prefer a vertical orientation for most of my pieces, (don't know why) but this idea was imagined horizontally and, thus, it is so.

I certainly welcome any comments or impressions you have.

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Terry said...

I love that Annie Albers aesthetic and you have captured it. The horizontal orientation, plus the luscious color makes it so serene. I like!