Saturday, August 22, 2009

Earth Color

Thanks for all the comments on Beach Blue. It is still unresolved for me, but I received many ideas. I will try something, but not sure what just yet.

Since yesterday was another 100 degree day. Instead of solving unresolved art issues, I decided to dye some more fabrics. This time I was going for more earthy colors (my favorite). These are also "muddier" because I started with an unbleached fabric so it was not a white base. I like them this way. I know some people prefer them more vibrant.

I also decided to try to dye some cotton yarn as well. I found some plain, white cotton yarn on a cone at the thrift store and also bought some white chenille yarn at the yarn store. Below they are drying on the fence. I haven't washed them out yet because I don't think doing it in the washing machine would be a good idea!


Beverly said...

Tie the skeins in several places to keep them from tangling, then use the mesh laundry bags in the washing machine. Your fabrics look great!

LynnDel said...

Love love love love LOVE those fabrics!!!