Wednesday, October 1, 2008

12 x 12 Shelter Challenge

The 12 x 12 group has posted their quilts for the Shelter Challenge. As I have been playing along, here is mine. It is called Tree Tenants. This is based on an idea from the artist Hundertwasser. He believed that urban buildings should have tree tenants, trees actually planted in the building and growing out the windows (as well as on top of buildings). He really thought buildings should blend in with the nature around us.

For shelter, I thought of trees because they can shelter us from rain and sun. They are also used to build shelters and to shelter us from cold in the form of fire. In addition they shelter us from carbon dioxide as they absorb it from the air and give us healthy oxygen to breath.

The trees are growing out the windows just as Hundertwasser suggested, providing beauty and shelter for us. But also the trees are being sheltered by the buildings and I think we humans need to shelter the trees as well.

I used old wool jackets for the pieces and stray threads from my fabric dying as the tree leaves.


kirsty said...

Love it, Lisa! I like the palette and especially the glow of those little trees.

Nikki said...

What fun!I doubt I could keep a tree alive in my house, but I have to admitt we once had bean sprouts growing out of the bathroom sink because the kids washed dried beans down the sink.

I love the sparkle of the trees against the night sky. Well done.

Terry said...

I was once in a restaurant that had a huge tree growing in the center of it. The building had been built to encompass the tree. I have always thought that was so great! I love your piece. Nightime scenes have a special charm.