Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Snow of the Season

Yes, indeed. Yesterday we were surprised to look out the window and see it snowing, big, fat, wet flakes.

After a little while, it looked like the picture above. Last night we had a concert to go to downtown. After we parked the car and were walking to the theater, we heard this loud crack and saw a branch from a tree fall from the weight of the snow on the leaves.

This morning we saw that one of our trees in the back broke off as well. I think the whole tree will now have to come down as there is not much left. I can't ever recall seeing snow on the fall leaves before. The paper did say it was the earliest snow on record since they started keeping track over a hundred years ago.

The trees here are just starting to turn colors. The locust trees looked very pretty with the snow on the delicate, yellow leaves.

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