Thursday, October 9, 2008

Being Thrifty

Last night we had a bit of a frost here. Yesterday, I picked all the basil on my one plant, pulled some carrots, picked a couple small zucchini in anticipation of the cold. Today I made pesto.

Today I also went to the thrift store to try to find clothes for Anna's Halloween costume. Originally she was going to be a black ninja cat. Now she wants to be a warrior cat. So I thought if I could get some black clothes at the thrift store, we could actually tear and distress the fabric as she wants to be a battle-worn cat. I did manage to find a black shirt and pants for her.

I also found some fabric. Usually they don't have much, but today there was quite a bit. It looked like a quilter cleaned out their stash or a store went out of business and donated the fabric. They had bundles of several different fabrics together. There were also fat quarters that had not been undone (that's why I think it was from a store).

Of the bundles, I picked this one. There are four different fabrics from the Hoffman "Kasuri" line. The bundle was 10 dollars. When I got home I measured the lengths and it was about ten yards all together. It looks like it is right off the bolt. So it was about a dollar a yard. Good deal considering this fabric could be eight or nine dollars a yard at the quilt store.

I didn't pick up any of the other bundles. There was quite a bit of purple. There was a couple that had some batiks in them and then just the usual calicos. I also got a couple of wool sweaters to felt and hopefully will find a use for them.

The store seemed unusually busy today. I don't think it was people looking for Halloween costumes but just normal clothes. Must be all the recession talk. I've always thought it was a good way to save money and conserve resources. Plus, you really can find some nice clothes if you have the time to look.

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Terry said...

What beautiful fabrics! Lucky find. I am amazed to see the snow. It has felt wintery and cold here the last couple of days, but no sign of snow.