Saturday, October 4, 2008

One Thing Leads to Another

What have I been doing for the last few days? One day this week, I think I was looking at the books in my studio and for some reason started cleaning off the shelves (it needed to be done but why start another project?). I cleaned out old folders, magazines and other misc. stuff. I use to have one shelf for display but decided to get rid of that. I rearranged the books and shelves and managed to get more items on the shelves. There is even a little bit of space left to add a few new art books!

Of course, since I could put more stuff on the shelves, that stuff came from another place in the studio. So I started cleaning out that bookshelf which required working with the stuff in the closet because I was trying to eliminate that bookshelf. So, I cleaned out this side of the closet and rearranged stuff and here what it looks like now (yes, it is much better than before).

The other side of the closet has pretty much been well organized before. You can see I like to use as much space as possible.

I managed to clean off the little bookshelf, but decided not to get rid of it. Instead, I moved Anna's art stuff onto that and the other desk shelves and was able to get rid of the four cubicles that was holding all of Anna's stuff. Now those are back in the garage. That took several days to accomplish all that.

I still have a pile of papers to go through and clear out but we can now walk in the studio without stepping on or over things and for a short amount of time, it will be clean. Now, I'm hoping to either build in some corner desk(s) or try to find something on Craig's list. I realized I need more surface area to put paper cutters and die cut machine on.

Thursday Anna did not have school. We did a couple of errands and then went to the mall to look for winter clothes for Anna. She wanted to go to buy a Webkins stuffed animal. Such is the life of a "tween". We also bought a Life is Good t-shirt for Frank's birthday, which led to Anna talking me into buying one for her. I got a sticker.

We also went to Claire's, which led to Anna talking me into buying her a pair of Halloween cat earrings. I got the skeleton earrings. I'm not sure how we got in there in the first place. I think Anna talked me into it.

Friday was Frank's birthday and he took the day off. He got himself the upgrade to HD t.v. so we celebrated with the satelite guy coming over to switch us. We also finished up the painting/staining of the bathroom cabinet. Anna had a friend over to spend the night and we brought pizza in.

This morning we put the cabinet back in the bathroom. Yay! Then the sink went in without too much trouble. We put the new faucet in and came to a snag. Since we didn't line up the sink exactly the way they had it before the pipe was off enough to make it not functional without leaking with the new faucet. So we have to get a new pipe.

This afternoon we took Anna's hamster, Clare, to the Petco hamster derby. While we were there, Frank went to look for a new pipe part. Clare warmed up really well and was fast on the track. By the time they actually had the race, she must have been too tired and just sat there. Oh well. Just like cats, you can't make them do anything.

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