Sunday, September 28, 2008


O.k. I'll admit that I am not always good at finishing projects. This mostly relates to my creative projects because I have so many ideas in my head. I don't necessarily finish one thing before I start another. However, at work, I am very good at finishing things.

I'm usually pretty good about getting remodeling projects finished in a timely matter, except for this bathroom project.

The cabinet has been sitting in the garage not getting itself finished (I don't understand that?). So Friday, I decided to spend the entire day working on it. Frank had done the first round of sanding to get the finish off. I worked on it some more and sanded the inside as well (originally we weren't planning on doing that, but I decided I might as well).

I also worked on gluing more faces on the drawers, sanding some drawers, and painting one of the doors.
I also sanded the red finish off of this frame I had found years ago either at a garage sale or at a thrift store. I knew I would find a use for it someday. We will be putting a new mirror in it.

Am I finished? No. I worked on it some more yesterday and today. The main part of the cabinet is complete. I used clear polyurethane for the finish and, in the end, it looked almost like before we sanded it. I was hoping it would end up lighter, but it is only a smidgen lighter.

We are waiting for some new feet that we ordered on line. Then we can finish the bottom section as well. I just have a few more doors to paint and one drawer to sand and paint. So close!

The other thing that I am usually too good at finishing is books (when I actually sit down to start them). Most things get put off, like dinner and laundry, until I finish the book.

I just finished reading the Einstein biography by Walter Isaacson. I have wanted to read it since it came out a while ago. Someone brought it to the museum (we have a little staff sharing library) and I was happy to see it.

This book took me quite longer than usual to finish. I really plodded through it, as I was also trying to understand the theories of Einstein that were explained throughout the book. It was about 550 pages and very thorough. I found it interesting, but it was frustrating for me to be reading it so slowly.

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