Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fast Weekend

We've had a busy weekend. Saturday morning we had breakfast at the zoo. It was a special thing before the zoo opened. The theme was cool cats (and now you know why we had to go).

Tashi the snow leopard is only about a year old.

We also installed the bathroom floor. It looks great, except . . .

for the fact that we were two planks short!I called the place where we got the floor to see if they had an extra two planks. The lady called their installer but they didn't have any extra in town. So I had to order an entire box (7 planks) and hopefully can pick it up on Thursday. Then, I decided that even though the trim color was called natural white, it has too much of a blue tint for me. I will be repainting the trim. We also decided that the false fronts on the cabinet doors will look better with paint. So we will paint just the doors and stain the cabinet. I know it sounds kind of weird, but I think it will look o.k. This way we won't have to buy a new cabinet.

We also went to a bbq and Anna had her friend spend the night.

Yesterday, I knew it was going to be hot (it was about 91 degrees). I dyed some more fabric because I had some new colors I wanted to dye. Here they are stacked up ready to be rinsed out. Anna was home from school with a cold yesterday and today. So I will be able to rinse the fabric today. Tomorrow I will have to teach art for her class.

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