Friday, September 12, 2008

Soy Wax

Today Anna did not have school. After sleeping in (yay!), we had breakfast and went to the co-op. Then I set up an area to do some batik work with soy wax. Here is our set up in the garage.

I have been trying to collect metals objects for some time just for this reason. On the table there are some cookie cutters, clay cutters, metal lids, an incense burner I found at a garage sale that makes a lovely swirl and other assorted items. I used clothes pins to hold the metal and dip in the wax.

Here Anna is trying out the tjanting tool I ordered from Dharma. It's very cool. Can you guess what she is drawing?

Here is some fabric I was working on. I had re-shaped an old cookie cutter into a triangle. But Anna re-bent it into what she called a lemon. I thought it also made nice leaves. I used the tjanting tool to draw in the veins.

Here is the piece of fabric that I had underneath where we were working. I think I will dye it and see what happens.
We haven't gotten to the paint/dye part yet. This was a fun activity but it took longer than I thought to do. It seems to be better to do on smaller pieces of fabric, because the big ones take a long time to fill up. I got tired and didn't even finish all the fabric I was planning to use. But we can save the wax for another time.

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