Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We are into the second week of school now. Anna says she does not feel like a sixth grader. I think she doesn't want to grow up (why would she?) and she is really nervous about going to junior high next year. But there are little signs that she really is a sixth grader.

Up until late this summer, she never really cared much about clothes (I guess she gets that from her mother). I would buy things for her, bring them home and she would try them on. Just before school started, we were at Target and she picked out some skorts (which she decided to wear on the first day of school). She likes them a lot. First, I think, because they are very comfortable and, second, because they are cute. When we were there again, she wanted to get another pair.

Today she was excited to go to Target to look for winter clothes (we didn't find much). The two skorts she picked out earlier were both plaid. The other day she said, "Plaid must be the new polka dot!" She said lots of people had on plaid shorts or skorts at school. She is observant and the fashion scene just might become a little more important to this sixth grader this year.

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