Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I had to make a tough decision (for me) today. Those who know me probably know I don't like making decisions. I'd rather avoid them than have to make a choice. I'm getting better about it and learning to say no when I need to.

We all have made choices about our paths in life. What I wonder is what if the direction you choose is maybe not the one that is really "meant" for you? I know many people choose one path and later in life go back to their "true" calling. What if there are many paths that are meant for us? How does one particular decision affect you down the road? Or even change the road you are on? Does it even matter if you are happy? Food for thought.

I made my decision and now I just wait to see where it takes me (or doesn't).

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Plain Jane said...

no fair. you can't just talk about your decision, without telling us what it is!
Jane (from your joggles class)