Monday, January 21, 2013


Here is a piece that I completed before, and showed in Textiles x Two.  The title, Renew, comes from the fact that this piece started out by cutting up an older artwork and using some of those pieces.

fabrics hand dyed by artist, fused appliqué, hand embroidery, machine pieced,
free motion machine stitching
19" x 14-1/4"
©2012 Lisa Flowers Ross

Have you ever cut up/painted over/remade an older piece?  I have looked back at some earlier works, which at the time I thought were fine, but as I have progressed in my own artwork over the years, I now think "blah."

Several times some of these pieces have been cut up in the hopes to make something better or different.  Sometimes just taking a smaller section of the artwork helps.  Sometimes it doesn't and it just ends up in pieces.

The piece Renew came from an artwork that was called Spring Green and, ironically, I showed it in the same gallery as Textiles x Two, two years previously.  I only used some pieces of it to make Renew, so I could make another new artwork with the leftovers (or not).  I am very happy with Renew, for now (who knows what I will think about it in a couple of years).

I'm almost embarrassed to show you Spring Green, but I guess I will.

The greens look quite a bit different in these two (my photography skills have improved), but that bottom section is what I used.  I added a lot more stitching in those sections for Renew.  The skinny strips are where I connected the pieces back together.

The circular stitching gave me some ideas for new artworks.  I currently have one of these ideas started and up on the design wall, but it has to wait to be completed as I am trying to work on some other pieces to meet a deadline.

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