Monday, January 28, 2013

Free Motion Stitching

I am still finishing up the third piece in the Greenbelt series.  It is a bit different than the previous two as I have done more free motion machine stitching on it.

Free motion machine stitching takes a lot of practice.  For years I have worked on achieving smooth even stitch-length lines.  For this current artwork,  I did not want smooth lines.  I wanted what I call herky-jerky lines.  This meant going against all that smooth line practice.  I think it was much harder to do.

It's often amazing how much different the stitching can make in some artworks.  Below is a section of green before I started the stitching.

In this next picture, you can see the completed stitching.  It adds so much texture and interest.

This last picture is a detail of my herky-jerky lines, so not smooth and perfect - just the way I wanted it.


Linda M said...

I like it. Really looks like a dense forest from above.

Brooke Atherton said...'ve come over to the dark side! I love the herky-jerky effect.