Tuesday, July 10, 2012

West Highland Way - Day 3

Most mornings we had a full Scottish breakfast to fill us up for our 10-15 mile hike.  Below is a picture of one, although black pudding and/or baked beans would also be served (but not pictured here).

The third day was my favorite day of hiking, as well as Anna's.  I liked them all but this one was really nice because the ups and downs were gradual, there were great expansive views most of the way and it was mostly sunny with a slight breeze.

When we started off, I just wanted to linger and soak it all in because it was so beautiful.  I think our book said this area was one of the most desolate places in Scotland.

Rhododendrons grow wild in Scotland.  That's the color you see in the middle of the picture below.
 Snack break on the trail! (It's the one arm photo Anna's loves to do.)

 We saw some ruins along the way.

And we had a welcome committee when we walked up to our B&B.  (There were several deer.)

A few wee friends joined us for dinner. (One even helped out Frank with his food when he wasn't looking.)

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Kathleen said...

This was such an amazing trip. The views are incredible. I think choosing to hike in this place was such an excellent idea. I'm sharing the bird pics with Calvin, my bird lover.


Can't wait to read/see more.