Monday, July 16, 2012

More Scotland

Our hiking trip ended in Fort William.  We stayed there an extra day so we could take a day trip on the steam engine train that was used in the Harry Potter movies.  Then, we traveled by bus to Inverness.  We took a boat on the Loch Ness to the Urquhart Castle.  I'm afraid Nessie did not get the memo that we were coming and stayed in the depths.

 We did not have seats in a cabin like this but we went to see the ones similar to in the movies.

 This is the pedestrian bridge over the river.  We liked walking on it because it would bounce.

This is about as close as we will probably ever get to seeing Frank in a kilt.  It's the Ross hunting plaid he's holding.

When we arrived in Inverness the weather was so nice we decided to talk a walk along the river.

 Our boat ready to take us out on Loch Ness.

 Urquhart Castle.

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