Friday, July 6, 2012


While you have been viewing my collection of Leftovers III prints, we have been taking a vacation in Scotland for two weeks.  Five of those days were spent hiking the West Highlands Way.

I bought a new camera for myself before we left on our trip.  My criteria were:
1) It had to fit in my pocket like the last one.
2) That meant it had to be a point and shoot camera.
3) I wanted a quality camera.
4) I wanted more zoom than I had before.

There were many choices and I went to several stores to try them out.  Ultimately, I chose one that I liked the feel of and that had a menu that was easy to use and easy to look at.  I bought a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX150.  I think it was a good choice.  You'll be able to judge yourself by the pictures I post over the next week or so.

I took around 1200 pictures in two weeks (that's the great thing about digital cameras).  I will try not to overload you with too many pictures here, but there was so much to see.  Also, when I'm in a museum or anywhere else and take a picture of artwork, then I try to remember to also take a picture of the label as well, so I have that information.

We flew into Glasgow and spent a couple of days there.  Here are some pictures from around the city.  These first three pictures were actually taken with Frank's camera (a digital SLR). I've reduced the size because his files are so big.

This picture below is of a shop we passed often that had old sewing machines displayed in their windows around the entire store.  I loved this!  It was hard to get a picture of it with all the reflections though.

 We visited the botanical gardens and saw some lovely carnivorous plants.

Inside the Kelvingrove Art Museum.

Anna has recently been watching the Dr. Who series and was very excited to see this. (Now, these are pictures from my camera, also at a reduced size.)

Outside the transportation museum.

Inside the transportation museum.  There is a person standing in the bottom left corner.
Inside the entrance to the modern art museum.

Inside Glasgow Cathedral.

Cemetery near the cathedral.  I did not enhance this photo.  It really did look that green.

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Linda M said...

Welcome home, I'm looking forward to all the pictures.