Sunday, July 8, 2012

West Highland Way - Day 2

For the hiking part of our trip, we booked it with an adventure company.  They made the lodging arrangements and transportation arrangements for our luggage.  We stayed at B&Bs the entire trip, including when we made our own arrangements.

We each carried a day backpack every day.  It had stuff like our rain gear, extra sweater or fleece jacket, water bottles, snacks, map and guide book, first aid kit, I had an extra hat and gloves, and I also carried my purse (just in case).

Day 2 brought better weather.  It was just cloudy and we didn't have to wear our rain gear.  It might have sprinkled once or twice but not for long.  This day we skirted along the edge of Loch Lomond, hiking through forests with lots of up and downs and waterfalls.  There was some scrambling over rocks and a few drop offs next to the trail, which made this Anna's least favorite day of the entire hike.

We passed by many waterfalls at the beginning of the hike and Frank made fun of me because I took a picture of just about every one.  There was so much to be inspired by and I just loved all the greens.

 In the picture below, you can see a field of ferns.  I really liked these ferns because they were so different from any I've seen.  They have a long straight main stem and then a few leaves at the top.
You can see more of the ferns next to the trail in this picture. 
 The rocky trail.

 The rest of these pictures are from Frank's camera.
 More rocky trail.

 (Picture below was taken with Frank's iPhone.)

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