Monday, July 23, 2012


I know there hasn't been much art here lately and I definitely need to work on that.  But I do have a little something to show you today.

The other day I drew a little sketch in my sketchbook and my mind envisioned it in paint.  That is very rare.  I haven't done much painting in my career, but I don't argue with the mind vision. So, I have been thinking about painting this little idea, but I don't have a canvas and don't feel like going out to buy one at this time.

So, I decided to play with my Neocolor II water soluble crayons.  I haven't used them very much.  I found a piece of Bristol paper and started coloring.  With the crayons, you can add water afterward to smooth out the lines and do some blending.

Here is the piece with the crayons, before water.

Here is the piece after smoothing with water.  And I went back in and added some white dots with acrylic ink.  It's not what I had envisioned.  My mind still wants paint.  So someday I'll go get a canvas, or maybe just try it on a piece of mat board.  Sometimes it's just good to play.

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