Monday, March 26, 2012

Studio Visit

This weekend, my friend and I drove to Weiser, Idaho to visit the home and studios of our newest art friend, Linda McLaughlin.  Another of Linda's friends also joined us.  Her artworks look lovely hanging in her home.  I am inspired by leaves and nature, so I especially like this one.

(Photos posted with permission of artist.)

We first entered Studio A (she has two different studios) which is in her home.  Below Kathleen is looking at Linda's piece she made for her birthday this year.  You can read about it on Linda's blog. Leading up to the big day, she had stitched one circle each day for each of her years.  Maybe you can count them all and figure out how young she is.  You can't see all the hand stitching and beadwork in this picture.

Below is another of Linda's pieces and her trophy "tower".  I thought that was interesting.  (The few ribbons I have had have been thrown away).

Linda has started another daily project and here are some of the pieces below.  She is planning to do a year's worth of these.

After looking at all the fun stuff in Studio A, we had a nice lunch; we each had brought something to share.  Then, it was outside to Studio B (in a transformed garage).  Below is Linda in Studio B. Notice how organized everything is and the nice large sink and large working table.  She also had a washer and dryer in there along with lots and lots of other creative stuff.  This is only part of the long studio.

Here is a little sampling of her carved stamps to use on fabric.  

Linda kept bringing out piece after piece of her artwork to show us.  It's a shame it is in the studio. It needs to be out in the world where people can admire it.  I'm sure she is working on that, as we all are.

It was a great and inspiring day trip.  And it's always fun to get together with artists with kindred spirits.

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