Sunday, March 11, 2012

Open Studio

It was a busy weekend.  On Saturday, Anna and I went to my friend Kathleen Probst's Open Studio. I had helped her get ready for it on Wednesday.

Here is one of the first things you saw as you came in the door.

 Then it was upstairs to the studio with several finished pieces and paper templates on the walls.

Some works in progress on a design board.  I can't wait to see the ones with leaves finished.

Below Kathleen is on the left talking about her work.

She happen to have her Open Studio on her birthday.  I had used some of her "signature" shapes to make this little piece with her initials as a gift.  Unfortunately, the surprise was a little spoiled because I had forgot I still had it on my design wall when she stopped by my house the week before.  She was still surprised though, just a little early.

What I admire about Kathleen is that when she gets an idea, she just does it.  I often need to think about things for a while.  So, while I have been entertaining the idea of having an Open Studio since last year, Kathleen has gone ahead and done it.

That inspired me and I am planning to have my own Open Studio in April.  (I also have been waiting for better weather since we live on a pretty steep hill).  If you would like to be one of the first to know the date after I determine it, you can sign up for my newsletter.

(Photos posted with permission of the artist.)

1 comment:

kathleen probst said...

I am excited for your Open Studio!

Thank you for helping to make mine a success. I was thrilled with the KP piece. You really did surprise me. :)